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Effective Influence for Modern-Day Business

Businesses have evolved from traditional type to modern and digital business industries. Fundamentally speaking, the methods of the old days make use of the classical techniques of marketing and advertising while the new ones are enjoying the advantages of the Internet.

Today, a number of individuals harness the internet technology to gather info of products they want to obtain. Among the most popular ones are the different kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For this reason, a wise business owner therefore should not miss using these platforms as part of his or her marketing strategies.

Overview of Influencer Marketing

If your goal is to be able to compete in business battles today, it would be great if you can apply influencer marketing in your industry. Influencer marketing is simply a digital marketing strategy which utilizes highly influential men and women to provide information of the products and services, reach possible customers, and eventually achieve the goal of the business that is, to make profit. Based on a particular survey conducted by a specific company, “millennial clients” purchase items after knowing or hearing from people who are highly influential for them. Basically, that survey shows how powerful influencer marketing can be.

What are Influencers?

Influencers are people who may be able to influence the customers’ buying decision due to its long-formed credibility. However, anyone should take note that the influencers are not just marketing tools but social individuals who have established relationships with many people over the web in different ways.

Who are the Influencers?

Fundamentally, there are two groups of influencers i.e., (1) the macro-influencers and (2) the micro-influencers. Influencers with at least 100,000 followers on social media sites (ex. Tv personalities, music artists, models) can be labeled as macro-influencers. The desirable feature about these influencers is they can actually reach quite a lot of people worldwide and the genuine sense of professionalism.

In contrast, micro influencers are people at least 1000 but not more than 100,000 followers. These groups are still establishing relationships with people (followers) and are trying to get them engaged.

Yet, what’s good about these influencers is that most likely they are cheaper to invest and may reach individuals from multiple niches. Additionally, a lot of businesses today may love to find Instagram influencers of this type (micro) simply because a good percentage of customers may find the “micros” as real people more influential.

So, which is which?

Basically, it should be based on multiple elements in the business. But whatever your decision is, having the influencer marketing could make a big difference in your business.

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