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Where Should UCLA Go From 0-3?

Decisions have to be made due to the disappointing start of the Bruins football team so that they can move forward well for the rest of the season. One should plan for expected roadblocks in a game but one may also find that there are unexpected circumstances along the way. A questionable quarterback position is one of the developments that has been seen from the beginning of the year. One of the players who hasn’t been on the field is Wilton Speight and this is due to an injury in the first game of the season. He has been doing his practice progressively.

It is still unclear whether he will need a replacement or whether he may be able to finish the season. Dorian Thompson-Robinson is a possible replacement since he has gone for two touchdowns. At the moment, Dorian Thompson-Robinson has two picks. During the week, quarterback Devon Modster said that he would be leaving the program. During last season, Devon Modster was very active and he threw four touchdowns and nearly 700 yards.

There is a gap in the quarterback position even as the team goes into offseason and this is why Chip Kelly needs to find a good quarterback. One of the people who could be top on the list for the program is Jayden Daniels. There have been struggles with the offensive as well as the defense. For them to improve their defense, they need to come up with a way to solve these problems. There was so much promise in the defense at the beginning of the season and it was thought that it would help in the offense.

When people heard about Chip Kelly taking over the head coach position, fans were excited and anticipated a good offense. It was also expected that there would be a learning curve with the new head coach. At the moment, there may be a problem with the team’s tempo. There hasn’t been a sense of urgency in the team which is what more people expected. The reason for this could be caused by the lack of experience in some parts of the roaster.

The team also needs to learn how to become the machine that Chip Kelly likes to operate. In this article here, one will see some of the few guidelines that concern the Bruins football team. A win is necessary for the football team during the season. They will also need some momentum quickly.