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Steps you should Take after a Semi Truck Accident

Truck accidents could arise from different causes including driver being unqualified, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driver being tired loss of control when changing direction or paving way for other vehicles on the road. It is therefore crucial for drivers to be extra careful on roads. It is a prime factor that drivers are aware of the necessary steps to take in case of an accident. The following are some of the guidelines one should take in case they are involved in a semi truck accident.

One should ensure their insurance cover is updated at the time of the accident. Insurance covers on trucks are different from cars. With that in mind you are able to relax and be sure to receive compensation when an accident occurs. It should be clearly known that the compensation will be given if an insured risk has taken place and the driver is not the cause of the accident. One should get a lawyer to fight for their compensation.

Secondly one should reach out for the vehicles logbook and immediately call the police. Thus the police should immediately carry out a review on the log book. When you suspect that the driver is drunk or driving under the influence it is crucial to quickly ask the police to inspect them so that you will have evidence to support your statements in court.

Make sure you as the driver are following all state laws on driving semi trucks. Some of these include not drunk driving, ensuring the truck is serviced regularly include the brakes system. Maintain records of medical bills that you incurred due to the accident, insurance policy covers, invoices and receipts on any medication or need you had related to injury that may have been caused including loss of a loved one. Thereby increasing success chances for your case. Hence they will be able to save from legal actions that will hold you accountable for the accident.

Lastly, if you were carrying passengers and a semi truck happen to hit you it is advisable to make sure you have accounted for the stock you were carrying. This will highly depend on the state you are in as when badly injured you do not have to move rather wait for help to arrive. Check with the passengers to see who needs immediate attention. Ensure the police and ambulance teams are on their way. It is crucial for you to take down the details of the other driver and the company they work for.