Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

Everything has solution so there are even some ways for inducing labour naturally. But these are some tender days when you will have to take care a little more. But if labour is not happening naturally then there are some options which could help in a natural way.

It is possible that there are some bodies which do not get natural pain so in that case these methods will work for you for most of the time. In recent time Acupressure point for induce labor also very popular for reduce your pain.

Walking is evergreen medicine

The profits of walking are known by everyone and its profit cannot be denied. Whether one is feeling low or whether one is feeling alone walking is evergreen medicine. So those who are not getting their labour, walking will be great help to them.

When you walk it helps your hips to sway side to side and this method helps in bringing the baby into position to take birth.  Plus by standing upright also helps gravity to move the baby down into the pelvis. It is kind of exercise and there is no side effect.

Several ways to relax

Tense will stop in inducing your labour. So having labour on time you must need to be tension free.  Take warm bath but avoid hot water because warm water will even help in releasing tension. Aromatherapy also helps in bringing relaxation during labour. Because it is so natural having tension during pregnancy but these methods will be helpful in reducing.

Listening songs could release tension and having proper normal healthy diet could bring the change in your labour. But even these things are not working even then that you do not need to worry that much.

Craze of spicy food 

During labour time it depends on the taste what kind of food a woman wants to have. But trying out spicy will also be helpful in so many ways if inducing labour. Although if spicy taste will not soothe your stomach then vomiting is natural but then there are some different way of inducing labour.

You can go for your favourite taste it will help in keeping mind free from worries. But if you do not take spicy food at all then please avoid that completely. But if you used to take in normal days then it could work for you.

Sex is indeed a medicine

Yes, everyone knows this that sex is really helpful in begin labour. As semen has natural prostaglandis, this hormone helps in starting the labour in natural way. But as pregnancy is completely different thing as it brings lots of mood swings along with itself. Those women who have their pregnancy lately this might possible they avoid having intercourse.  But if that is not possible for the mood then foreplay will also work. This fact must be known that female orgasm has been known to open the cervix up to two centimetres.

But foreplay should be gentle and you can ask your partner for stimulating nipple. These activities would help in realising the oxytocin. But do not try these activities on regular basis it could create instead of hurdle.

Red raspberry leaf tea

Red raspberry leaf tea really works in strengthening the uterus in starting of labour. But there is no side effects of having it even if you do not start having labour it will keep you hydrated.


Many expecting women go for this option and it even worked for many. But remember that if you really want to have normal delivery then you must keep on working rather than taking so much rest. It could spoil your pregnancy.

But acupressure is a nice way practicing this and it begins labour.  But some cases are also there even if it is not working for you, as it is possible still you do not need to worry because it is one of best way in alleviating pain and uneasiness during labour.


So, people if you are having conflict in your mind whether these things are right to do or not. You do not need to worry as you may concern to your doctor once and tell her or him you are not having your labour pain. Doctors will suggest you something.