Tom Ford Eyewear: Choosing the Right Eyeglass Frame that Suits you

These days, people that use eyeglasses have so many choices when it comes to attractive and stylish eyewear. The first thing you need to remember when choosing a perfect frame is to select something that you like and makes you feel confident.

One way to find the best frame that can accentuate your face’s best features is to find frames that will complement the color and shape of your head as well as make a fashion statement. In this article, we will help you find the right eyeglass frames that will suit your face, so your new eyewear will bring out the best features of your beautiful face.

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Know The Shape of Your Face

While people have different face shapes, there are at least seven common shapes: heart-shaped or based-up triangle, base-down triangle, round, rectangular, square-shaped, oval and oblong. Heart-shaped can be graceful and long or more rounded, but both hard-angled and high cheekbones. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston Bradley Cooper, Christina Ricci and Ryan Gosling belonged to this group.

Triangular or base-down triangle tend to have a narrow forehead and strong, wide jaw, which is sometimes angular. Celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Queen Latifah and Chris Pine have this type of shape. Rounded tend to have a rounded and full cheek, full chin and forehead. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kirstin Dunst belong to this kind of shape.

Rectangular shape have the same features to square shapes, but with a longer length compared to the width of the face. Brad Pitt, Demi Moore as well as Angelina Jolie has belonged to this type.

Square, just like rectangular shape, have broad and strong forehead with equally wide and strong chins. Celebrities like Rosario Dawson, Nick Lachey and Olivia Wilde belong to this group.

And lastly, oval and oblong-shape have the same features; they are both proportional and rounded. The only difference is that oval face has a pointier chin. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker belong to this type while Kim K, Liv Tyler and Adam Levine have oval faces.

Take a look at the mirror to know the shape of your head. Pin or pull your hair back away from your face to see your face better. A lot of faces do not fit into one specific type, but the features have a resemblance to two or even three types of shapes. If this is the case, you are fortunate. You will have more choices when you are looking for an eyeglass frame.

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Know whether your feature is soft or angular. It is more important compared to the exact shape when you are looking for eyeglasses. Using the lines that you drew on the mirror, you will be able to tell if the shape has angles and hard edges, or if the lines have soft curves.

Find The Eyeglass Frame That Can Complement The Shape of Your Face

Usually, eyewear frames can add visual interest when they are in contrast to your features. It means that most round faces looking best when they used angled glasses, while angular faces look best when paired with round glasses. Round and soft faces look best with hard angle frames like rectangular or square frames. It will make a face look longer and will break up the softness of the face. If you full features, you want to consider a horizontal rectangular frame to make your features appear thinner.

Choose an Eyepiece that will Work for Your Needs

Eyeglasses like Tom Ford Eyewear can be an excellent fashion accessory, but for a lot of people, they also serve as an important function to help you see. If your glasses do not serve the needs, then they do not work for you.

You can start by asking the store employees, which eyeglasses frames that will work best with your prescription. For example, people with high prescriptions need to choose frames with full frames to hold the eyeglasses lenses. Thin wires is not a good option.

Ask the experts to measure your head and show to you what type of frames will fit you best. Having a comfortable fit will help the users feel more confident with their choice. Users need to be unique, even if you do not follow the norm. The user’s personality, as well as a sense of style, can come out in the eyewear they are using. You should not feel restricted to specific colors or shapes if there are styles that you think will suit you or your personality. If it means choosing a big circular glass, then do not hesitate to get one.