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The Reason to Choose Monokini

When we think about summer, we always associate it with buying new swimsuits!

There are various kinds of swimsuits that stores are selling nowadays.

But monokini is the most popular swimsuit today.

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How to Wear Monokini

The Beginning of Monokini

A very popular Australian fashion designer first mentioned the term ‘monokini’.

The designer referred the monokini to a piece he designed which consisted of high-waist briefs with two thin straps in 1964. And the fact that the design were a bit different it showed more skin that what we have now especially in the chest part of the body.

How did Monokini Evolved Through Time

Now, it is not surprising to see monokinis being styled differently and uniquely.

Topless styles have evolved from being simple to something more practical and versatile. Click here to learn more info about topless styles.

Everyone has their own style of swimsuit either a bikini, a normal one, or somewhere in between of the two, you could never get better than that. Women don’t want always to let it all hang out in a bikini but still want to make a striking fashion statement, that’s why they are great for them.

Monokini is one of the most popular designs of swimsuit trends nowadays from fashion designers who have come up with lots of different ways.

There are a lot of styles of monokinis and that includes low-back, open-back, bandeau, one-shoulder, plunge and sleeved variations.

Tips When Changing into Monokini

To feel sexier and more confident while wearing a monokini, you must wear it in the right way.

A woman who has an hourglass body can wear the monokini in the most flattering way, even so everyone can wear them. A new design of swimwear would highlight the curves of the body that’s why it’s very important to be aware of these things.

Monokinis that have a ruffled upper half will look great with women who have smaller busts.

To create the illusion of height, asymmetrical shapes is your best option, and to tuck in a while accentuating your hips, high-waist suits is the right thing for you.

Now , you should go and buy yourself and monokini to flaunt your body on your next beach trip.

But you should make sure to wear sunscreens because the designs of these monokinis will give you interesting tan lines.

The main reason why you should be opting for monokinis every summer were explained above together with the history of it so make sure to keep this in mind.