Risks of Using Fake Pee

The legalization of marijuana is in the announcement and slowly moves forward. Until that happens, drug tests are still identified it as an illegal substance. Research shows that almost half of employers are conducting drug analysis as part of the recruitment process. Nearly the same number of them checks their employees from time to time, usually relying on a urine drug test.

Companies have the right to perform drug tests. It’s a lower expense than hiring a drug user which can be a potential danger. Other reasons find below:


Why is urinalysis the most used method? First, it’s easy to implement, and costs are low. And the other thing, giving a sample is easy and doesn’t require special conditions and equipment; only sampling cups. This type of examination can be supervised or unsupervised, depending on how seriously the employer takes it.

How to Use Fake Pee

Even though you have consumed marijuana today, you have plenty of time to prepare for tomorrow’s test. If all detox methods and flushing for eliminating drug traces fail, you can use synthetic urine as a sample.

But you have to know if urinalysis is supervised or not. This way, you’ll know how to prepare for transferring fake pee into a labeled cup. Basically, you can do this with special heating bags or synthetic urine belt. Just in case, make your clean sample at home. Web source https://cleardrugtests.com/where-to-buy-synthetic-urine/ suggests where you can find fake urine online, but you can buy them in any store.

Don’t try to do that on the spot – you have just a couple of minutes to provide the urine sample. You don’t have the time to check urine features, primarily the temperature. This is essential, as lab technicians will reject your sample if it’s overheated or cooler than optimal temperature.

Measures for Preventing Adulteration

Employers know that people are ready to do everything to pass the drug test. Therefore, these checks become more rigorous. Examiners are watching you all the time; you can bring only a sampling cup with you.

People who are too scared to take risks of sneaking synthetic urine into the sampling room will be visibly afraid, and they will be disclosed. Also, if newbies are using counterfeit urine, they may need more time to pour the clean sample into labeled cups, which can be suspicious. Employers can go unannounced to prevent cheating on the test. Also, sudden urinalysis is conducted in the event of a problem or workplace accident. However, most companies schedule testing a few days earlier, possibly for tomorrow. Using synthetic pee for faking urinalysis carries a particular risk. More precisely, no technique can safely guarantee a negative result on a drug test unless you are entirely drug-free.

You Can Reveal Yourself

Smuggling of synthetic urine into the sampling area is not easy. Apart from the proper equipment, you need to be mentally and physically prepared to ‘cheat’ the drug test. Physical preparation involves storing of fake urine and transfusion of the synthetic pee in the sampling cup. If you use urine in special heating bags, put it in a hidden, but available place, like underwear or on inner tight.

As for the belt, fix it and fill with fake pee at home. The bands can move during the walk, but keep holding on. If you are uncomfortable wearing a synthetic urine belt, make sure you don’t make sudden movements and try to be discreet. To be confident and handy with fake pee and belt, practice at home and try to be fast. Remember, you have only a couple of minutes available.

Sample Too Diluted

This may be a problem with a powdered form of fake pee. Although there is an instruction on how to prepare clean urine, a mistake can always occur. The urine sample should have precisely defined color and scent, to contain an optimal amount of creatinine, protein, and to have specific gravity and pH value (characteristics of human urine find on this page).

When you’re in a hurry and you try to prepare the fake urine inside the sampling room, you can mix inexact amounts of water and powder. The diluted sample has significant deviations from these values. It won’t be relevant for testing, but that does not mean that you passed the test. Except that you can seem suspicious, you will be asked to repeat the sampling, maybe immediately. And since you’ve already wasted your dose of synthetic urine for sampling, now what?


The temperature of the valid sample is in the range of 90-100 Fahrenheit. Any deviation (which can be easily checked) indicates fake pee. This problem is solved by using heaters or pads wrapped around the container with synthetic urine. They have indicators on them that show whether the sample is too cold or overheated. If you ever need synthetic urine, try to get a kit that contains heating pads and temperature stripes.

And what if you can’t check the temperature of the synthetic urine? You can heat the specimen with your own body, but you can’t be sure if it has reached the right temperature. If you sweat too much, the sample can easily be overheated. When it’s cold outside, you may have problems with heating the fake pee to the optimal temperature.

Fake Pee Legality Is Questionable

The original purpose of synthetic urine was for science and medicine. Scientists used this mixture for the examination of new medications. Manufacturers of lab equipment also relied on it for testing instruments and equipment. But, counterfeit urine has become a popular method for getting a negative result after a urinalysis, so its legality and justification of use are questionable. It seems that synthetic urine producers are in the gray zone now. The sale of fake pee is legal, but direct advertising that indicates the use of this product for falsifying a drug test is not. Thanks to the Internet, you can get these products, and no one will ask you why. Just make sure you don’t get caught.