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Chip Repair Process for Glass Table Tops

At home accidents are usually prone to take place unexpectedly. Thes is what usually leave a lot of glass table tops in a bad state. You will want to restore the look of your glass table top and this is where the repair part comes in. The chips will be brought together in order to make the glass table look good. It might not be the same but you will be able to make it look better. The look might be very unique then the one you had before. When you want to this kind of repair you might be able to do it on your own or even involve a professional if the case is very extreme. This kind of process usually involves a lot of things and they are as follows.

In case of glass chip repair you will have to do them as soon as possible before it worsens. At the very early stages you will be able to fix the table to and make t look much better. First of all start by assembling all the tools that you need to do the repair. They will be what will allow you to do the job. What you will need are the following; repair film, razor blade, repair resin, adhesive seal, pedestal and many more. The easiest way to get your hands on all the tools that you might require will be go to a auto parts dealers and ask for a windshield repair kit. In the kit you will find everything that you need and even more to get the job done.

The actual repair is actually very simple then you can imagine. Clean the glass table top as the first thing. When cleaning, do not use water or wet piece of cloth. This is because it will interfere with the repair process because water will get in between the chips or the cracked surface. The cleaning should be done with a tissue or a piece of cloth that is dry. The resin will then be injected in the damaged area. This will be done with a syringe like tool that is found in the kit. The last part will be to cure the resin. When it comes to the curing you will do it with a UV lamp.

This is the point that you will be done with the major part of the repair. You will now leave it out to dry. You will have to give the glass at least three hours before you even touch it. This will be to ensure that all the parts will stick together firmly. The last thing will now be to clean the glass. You can now use a glass or window cleaner do this job and the job will be now well done.

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