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7 Ways You Can Use LED Light Strips As Lighting Decor to Your Home

In our home, a fundamental facet not to overlook is the lighting. It is certainly a good thing to add some lighting decoration and a definition to our home. If you are looking for something to illuminate your home, then an LED light strip can provide you the lighting needs you need.

The good thing about these lights is the application versatility, and can be used in many types of application. Decorative functions are best achieved when it comes to this type of lighting. Below are 7 best ways to use LED light strips for your home.

Brighten Your Stairs.Use it to Illuminate Your Stairs. If you ever thought of beautifying your dull staircase, LED light strip is the perfect solution for that. Add LED light strips to the bottom of each stairs if you have a floating type of staircase. The best option if you have a traditional staircase is to add LED light strips on the side of each step.

2.Give Your Furniture A Futuristic Feel. You can put LED light strips to the bottom of some of your furniture pieces, such as your bed and bookshelf, and make your home look high-tech.

3.Highlight an Art Piece. The best trick to make your art piece more noticeable is to add light trips along the sides or at the back. By this, you can have a nice glow without making a mess on your wall with a spotlight. Take note to use LED light strips that is suitable with your wall’s paint color before you install it.

Transform your Shelves into Decor Pieces. Make your home more stylish by adding LED light strips to your storage shelves. Add LED light strips on the bottom of each shelf for floating shelves. If you have boxed shelves, you can get a gorgeous glow by adding light strips inside and behind of each box. To make the most out of your new decorated shelf, put beautiful items in it.

Give Your Kitchen a Quick Upgrade. One way to upgrade your kitchen with little expense is by using light strips. Most high-end kitchens put light strips on the underside of the kitchen cabinets. This will make a gorgeous glow on the countertops. If you do not want patchy spotlights, use light strips.

6.Illuminate your Drawers. Small details can make a difference to your home and make it unique from an average home, one of those details is an inner-drawer lighting. You can add light strips inside of any of your drawers in your home. However, it would be best to use LED light strips on the duller side so as to protect your eyes when you look inside the drawer.

7.Illuminate your Deck. One of the newest trends these days is to add outdoor spaces as an extension of your home. Consider putting light strips on your outdoor deck to make it look warmer.

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