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Tips for Choosing a Heat Treating Company

Regardless of the metallurgic procedure you are interested, doing your homework is essential before choosing a metal heat treating facility so as to get the right company to perform the best task and offer a high level of customer service. To get the best results, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

The first step to take is to identify if the company specializes in treating the type of metal that you want to be treated. The metal heat treating procedures are somehow the same, however, how a procedure is performed is determined by the type of metal being treated. For instance, there is a clear difference between the treating procedure between stainless steel and carbon steel. Stainless steel treating involve use of controlled, oxygen-free settings that use special furnaces produce while the other is usually executed in the presence of oxygen. Hence, before you sign a service contract, identify that a service provider specializes in handling the type of metal you require.

The time taken by a company to finish order will be determined by several issues; especially, the equipment in use, proficiency in production and the percentage of job satisfactorily done on the first attempt (first yield rate). The turnaround time for an order is influenced by the size of the facility, the kind of task being formed, however, the above element separate providers that give a fast turnaround time from the ones that don’t. Be sure that the company uses the right equipment to handle the material you need and the staff handling it are experts to get the task completed in the shortest time possible.

Also, it is best that focus on the supply chain management. It can decrease the turnaround the time accelerating the order and delivery process. Supply chain management is essential in a company as it enables it to buy the crucial components, perform the task and deliver the finished product to the customer.

The location of the heat treating service provider is key for plenty logistic purposes, including cost of shipping, ease of access for services, manpower and a lot more. Choose a metallurgist in a place that is easy to access, save on shipping costs and get another efficiencies when working with them.

Lastly, check for references and the company’s track record, they will tell the reputation of the company and the quality of service to expect. Make sure that you also get online reviews of the company from past clients and ask the company to give you some recommendations for their work. A research will give you a better position to know what sort of service you are likely to get.

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