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Fabric Filters – Choosing the Most Appropriate One for Your Facility

There are various forms of fabric filters for dust collection, and before you make up your mind on the best one for your facility, you should look into various factors. Numerous filtration equipment exist, and it might be confusing to settle for the best one if you are not conversant with the considerations to make. However, this article provides a simple guide to choosing an ideal fabric filter for your facility.

Examine the dust properties and it generation point – Take a small quantity of dust and keenly analyze it to identify its outstanding characteristics. The dust can either be fine or rough textured and that greatly influences the type of technology to use for filtration. You should find out if the dust is inflammable or a health risk. Since you might not know how to perform the advanced tests on the dust, you should bring in an expert to do it and provide dependable results. Further, the expert will recommend the type of dust collector, its size, location and safety precautions that you should take.

Opt for the most suitable technology – After you have had the test results and now you have a comprehensive understanding of the dust, you can proceed to find the best fabric filtration technology. There is no single technology which would be appropriate for all the cases. You should be conversant with the latest technology in use for dust collection so that you have a fabric filter that operates efficiently.

Consider the space available – Most people make the mistake of buying a dust collector without checking if they have ample space for it. The bulky fabric filters take a lot of space and thus, you can be disheartened if it does not fit the designated space. On the other hand, it would be wastage of space if you designate a large space for a small fabric filter. Engage a professional to advise you about the best positioning of the fabric filter after hazard analysis. Ideally, you should measure the space available and compare it with the fabric filter that you want to purchase so that you know whether it will fit or not.

Price of the filter – A lot of people go for fabric filters with the lowest prices, but that is not usually advisable because the chances are that you will end up with a disappointing filter that is not durable. When considering the cost, do not only focus on the initial purchase cost but think about its maintenance in the future. You must not only look at the initial purchase cost, but you should consider various maintenance costs in the future.

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