3 Tips for Working in a Medical Lab

Thinking of a career in medicine, but you don’t want to handle patients? Are you strong in math and science? Do you desire a quiet, organized space? Consider entering a lab environment. Medical technicians help patients by gathering data and diagnosing issues. It’s an opportunity to provide answers without seeing the ill. Consider the following tips before entering the field. 

Attend Classes

A medical technician needs awareness of the body and chemistry. It will require some college. Look around at local programs. Community colleges sometimes offer a two year degree. Eager to move faster? Sometimes a private college will have a fast track. The downside to that is it may cost more money.

Keep It Clean

Maintain a sanitary work space. This is for your safety and to prevent contamination in lab data. Wash your hands, and wear gloves during testing. Depending on the nature of your experiments, you may want to have on scrubs rather than daily attire.

Understand Your Equipment

You’ll have access to expensive technology. Prior classes should prepare you for it, but new devices may appear. Ensure that you are up-to-date on items that arrive to the work space. Have proper training, and use it with care. Consider setting up a routine to inspect materials. For example, if the kloehn pump breaks, you’ll need a spare. It’s best to have one handy and change it out before samples are ruined.

Maintain Meticulous Records

This is a field for the detail-oriented person. Take notes as you go (either old school paper or new school with electronics). Save work in files, and have a method to track activities. Log dates and times. Once information is gathered, you’ll need to relay this back to the doctor. Ensure that all results are clear and timely.

Being a lab technician could be a rewarding, long-term career. If you have patience and a keen eye for detail, look into a program near yo